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Tourist information

Transportation Means

Mercedes-Sprinter 13/15 pax


Tourists must pay for the entrance visa right at the Armenian-Georgian and Georgian-Turkish borders. For the citizens of the USA, Canada and European Union visa is not required. The Turkish visa cost is 20-30 $. The citizens of Iran and Arabian countries must get Georgian visa beforehand.


Kars - Sim-Er Hotel - www.simerhotel.com
Van - Semira Hotel - www.otelsemira.com
Moush - Gokser Hotel - e-mail: gokser@dap.com.tr
Erzroum - Polat Hotel - http://www.icemtour.com/turkeyhotels/polat_hotel_erzurum_turkey.html

Status of roads

Armenian and Turkish roads and highways are in good conditions.  Only a part of the Armenian-Georgian highway is  not in a good condition, but it is easy to pass and no problems has occurred so far.

About the locals

Kars and Erzroum – Turkish people
Igdir - Azerbaijanians
Bayazid, Van, Moush – kurds

Problems connected with the local people of this territories haven’t arisen so far during the entire trip.

> Meal

Breakfast – at the hotel
Lunch and dinner – at a restaurant or a buffet of a village

During the Ramadan, dinner is served in the way of picnic in open air (in Nature)
2009: 22 August - 20 September,
2010:11 August - 9 September,
2011: 1 August - 30 August.

> Guiding personnel

A driver and a skilled, qualified guide who knows both Turkish and Kurdish.

> Obligatory terms for all the members of the group
1. The Customer can carry 15 kg handbag containing personal things, the preservation of which is realized by the Customer himself.
2. The Executor or the Organizer of the tour is not responsible for the Customer to carry such goods or personal things, the transfer, the import and the export of which is forbidden.
3. The Customer has no right to keep drugs, weapon, armory, explosives, poisonous, radioactive materials and such kind of substances. If the Executor of the tour program finds the above-mentioned things, he/she must inform about the incident to relevant people. In this case the contract between the Customer and the Executor will be annulled, whereas the payment done by the Customer for the services provided for him, is not subject to be given back.
4. During the entire tour it is prohibited to realize acts which can make worse the quality of provided services. It is also forbidden to smoke in the transportation means, or take part in contaminating (polluting) the transportation means, making loud noise and disturbing or showing indecent behavior towards other travelers in the bus.
5. The adoption of dates, as well as the ones made by the guide or the leader of the group are to be retained (preserved or kept). If the violation of the dates of arrival and departure, visits of sights, service of meals is realized by the Customer, he must be in charge towards the Executor, and other members traveling in the same transportation means.
6. In case of the entry visa refusal, or expired visa, or forbidding the entry to the country, the Executor, taking into consideration the expenses made for the Customer, gives him back the rest of the money, whereas the Customer returns at his own expense with the help of the Executor.
7. In case if the Customer behaves indecently during the entire tour, or according to the 4th point, refuses to do the regulations made by the Leader of the group, or in case of violating the dates, the Executor has the right to return the rest of money and refuse to fulfill (carry out) the contract.
8. During the entire trip the Executor must act for the favor of the Customer, create favorable conditions for the realization of the Customer’s rights and recreation (rest) according to the signed contract.

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