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The terms of premises rental (apartment, house)



  • Check in time is 01:00 pm; check out time is 12:00 noon.
  • The minimal duration of the premises rental is 5 days. Irrespective of the rental duration the 5 days rental price is non-refundable.
  • The premises are provided with bed linen and towels, according to the number of the guests confirmed by mutual consent. Extra linen, towels, as well as accessories of personal hygiene and cleaning materials are given only in case of advance order and corresponding payment.
  • It is forbidden to make any repairs or removal of furniture in the premises.
  • It is forbidden to organize such kind of events in the premises, which can disturb the neighbors and common order.
  • The rental price of the premises doesn't include water, electricity, heating, mobile phone call charges. These costs are calculated at the end of the lease period.
  • Apartments, which shall at a monthly payment, you can rent for a period not less than 3 months.
  • In cases of long-term lease, a client at the beginning of the lease period, except for payment of rent for the first month, and must pay a deposit in the amount of rent one month, which is key when violating the terms of the contract.


The Client

  • Undertakes, when accepting the premises, to tell the representative of the Agent about the existing defects, to point out the complaints and to base them in the framework of mutually confirmed consent, otherwise bears the responsibility for subsequent defects, if those defects are not a result of natural factor.
  • undertakes to hand over the premises in proper state, with no defects occurred during tenancy, as well as to treat the equipments and technology of the premises with care, and in case of loss or damage, to indemnify for the expenses or to bear the costs of repair.
  • undertakes to inform the Agent of the occurred problems and difficulties in the premises, as soon as possible.
  • undertakes to, at least 5 days beforehand, inform the Agent about the intention of extending the tenancy, otherwise to pay the daily rental sum per each day occupied out of tenancy period and 30% as a penalty.
  • cannot hand over the premises to a third party without the Agent's consent.
  • can voluntarily (not through the Agent's fault) terminate the premises rental notifying the Agent about it at least 5 days beforehand, otherwise the Agent has the right not to refund any part of the rental sum. In case the Agent was, at least 5 days beforehand, informed about the Client's intention to terminate the tenancy, the 70% of the rental sum of more than 5 missed days is to be refunded to the Client, and the recalculation is to be made according to the price at which the apartment was provided to the Client. If there are less than 5 missed days, no money is refundable to the Client.


The Agent

  • undertakes to provide all necessary information connected with the premises (the approximate location, the details about interior design and furniture, photos, etc.).
  • undertakes to provide with the ordered premises or other equivalent (the same class and furniture) premises, without extra payment.
  • undertakes to provide the exact address and telephone number of the premises only after the confirmation of the mutually consented order.
  • is authorized to regularly enquire about the number, sex, age and nationality of the inhabitants of the premises.
  • undertakes to solve any problem occurred in the premises within maximum 24 hours, if they are not common for the given district, or in case the problem has not been solved within 24 hours, to, at own expenses, organize the Client's move to equivalent premises or to refund money to the Client, according to the missed days of tenancy (based on daily calculation), .
  • is authorized to prematurely terminate the tenancy, if the Client has breached his/her obligations listed here. In this case no money is refundable.
  • is authorized to prematurely terminate the tenancy, informing the Client about it 2 days beforehand. If the tenancy is terminated by the Agent's request (not through the Client's fault), the total rental sum is recalculated and the money for the missed days and 30% of that sum, as a penalty, is to be refunded to the Client.
  • does not bear responsibility for situations that are common and does not refund any money.
  • is authorized to provide with other premises and to demand extra payment, in case the Client arrives sooner than the date confirmed by mutual consent.
  • does not bear responsibility for the lost, broken or damaged personal belongings of the Client.
  • is authorized to enter the rented premises after a warning, as well as without warning if it is a case of emergency and the Client is absent or unavailable.
The terms of vehicles rental
  • Minimum rental period is one day (24 hours),
  • You must present valid documents (passport, driving license, acceptable method of payment)
  • Minimum allowed age is 21,
  • Minimum driving experience is 1 year,
  • Driving out of limits of Armenia and Artsakh is prohibited,
  • Vehicles are provided with full tank and required to be returned full

• IMEGA representatives will meet you at the airport through VIP service in case of preliminary arrangement and additional payment 
• Rental day starts from pick up of the car. Should the car be returned later than 1 hour after due time, another full day is to be charged.

  • The rates include insurance, unlimited mileage, third party liability CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection).

• We accept all credit cards from internationally recognised credit card companies - such as American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa.
• Driver's service is available for additional fee.


Hotel reservation terms in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh


General Provisions 

Imega Tour and Travel is a tour operator rendering hotel reservation and many other travel services in Armenia and Naghorno Kharabagh.

Imega Tour and Travel hereby “Provider” renders hotel reservation service only to those customers hereby “Client” who have previously got introduced with the below stated terms.

The Provider handles the hotel reservation based on the collaboration agreement with the mentioned hotels.

The reservation of each hotel is made accordingly with the reservation terms offered by the given hotel.


Service Order


The service is ordered by properly filling in and submitting the application form to the Provider, as well as by phone, e-mail and any other means of communication.

The preliminary confirmation of the appeal is done by the contact person of Imega Tour and Travel not later than 48 hours after receiving it. The appeal submitted on days-off and holidays are answered during the forthcoming working day. In some particular cases (high season, overcrowded hotels) Imega Tour and Travel is authorized to substitute the previously reserved hotel with an equivalent or a higher class one without any rate changes. In case it happens the responsible contact person will immediately inform you of the changes.




The cost of the service is defined by the Provider accordingly with the prices stated at the moment of order submission on the web site of Imega Tour and Travel www.imegatour.com

The prices of all hotels in Armenia and Nagorno Kharabagh are represented in USD, AMD, RR, EUR and are applicable to the individual orders. The prices are subject to discussion when submitting group requests.

All prices include breakfast and VAT, unless otherwise stated.

The room reservation is made both on guaranteed basis (advance payment, complete payment, first day payment) and on unguaranteed basis (the payment is made after the arrival in cash in our office or at the hotel).


In case of unguaranteed reservation the Provider guarantees availability of vacant rooms at the hotel only by the date of confirmation of the order.
In case of receipt of guaranteed reservation the hotel is authorized to give priority to that reservation and cancel the unguaranteed reservation without informing the applicant.

The Client is obliged to on time inform the Provider about the guaranteed payment. If the payment is not made in due time, Imega Tour and Travel is authorized to cancel the reservation.

The possible ways and terms of the service payment

In case of individual reservations the payment should be made at least 72 hours prior to the guest’s arrival.

Additional terms of due date payment will be stated by the confirmation of the reservation.

Bank transfer

To pay for the ordered service the Client should transfer to the Provider’s bank account the amount accordingly with the invoice represented by the Provider.

After making the transfer the Client should submit for the Provider’s consideration the copy of the payment order conveying information about the date, amount, transfer number, name/surname and the number of the reservation mentioned in the confirmation of the order.



All bank transaction commissions are covered by the Client.


Cash payment in the office of Imega Tour and Travel or at the hotel


In case of unguaranteed reservation the Client can make the payment in cash in the office of Imega Tour and Travel or at the hotel.

In case of paying by card the price undergoes to discussion due to the terms of the hotel.

Security and privacy 

The information necessary for the reservation is used exclusively by the Provider in order to ensure the service provision.

The Provider is obliged not to make known or hand over the Client’s personal data revealed during the reservation process to the third parties or organizations without the Client’s consent.

The above mentioned stipulation doesn’t refer to the hotels, which receive the Client’s personal data for securing the reservation.

The terms of cancellation

In case the Client asks for cancellation of the reservation prior to the defined time the Provider is obliged to refund the guarantee payment deducting only the commission for bank transaction.

In case the Client cancels the reservation later of the defined time (less than 4 days before the arrival day) or doesn’t appear at the hotel the Provider deducts all the expenses foreseen for the first day.

The above mentioned conditions refer only to the individual reservations. The group reservations undergo to special conditions which are stated in the agreement.




The given reservation system is foreseen for individual use. The use of any material published on this site without the written consent of Imega Tour and Travel is forbidden.
Imega Tour and Travel doesn’t bear any responsibility for outdated or inappropriate information from the side of the hotel. 
Imega Tour and Travel doesn’t bear any responsibility for the quality of the service rendered by the hotels.
Imega Tour and Travel doesn’t bear any responsibility for the wrong information submitted by the Client. The Client should be accurate when filling in the data, particularly the e-mail address, as the succeeding correspondence is arranged through e-mail. 
The person applying for the reservation represents the interests of all the tourists, is responsible for the correctness of the information concerning their personal data, as well as is in charge of the fulfillment of the above stated obligations by the guests including the order payment and cancellation.
The parties are released by the mutual obligations in case of unpredictable circumstances (force majeure). If this happens the parties should inform each other at their earliest possibility.


In case of complaints referring the ordered service or wish to cancel it, the Client undertakes to inform Imega Tour and Travel in written form maximum during 3 days.

Other Provisions

The Provider is authorized to without prior notifications make amendments in the given website concerning the conditions and terms of the service provision.

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