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Pre-Christian carvings in Anapat Cave

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Past the village of Yenokavan lies the lush, wild, deep Yenokavan Canyon. With the river rushing through it, there are cliffs, caves, forests, waterfalls and rapids to explore. A part of the canyon has been privatized, which has helped open it up to visitors. Anapat Cave (40 54.19 x 045 03.71) has a style of pre-Christian carvings which are unique in Armenia. One wall is covered solid in figures of people and faces. Later carvings included crosses and altars. Lastiver Cave is hard to access on a cliff face, and the entrance has been partially protected with an ancient wall. There is a pond taking up most of the cave, whose water level is supposed never to change - even if you remove water it immediately returns to it's previous level. By the river, which has beautiful cascades and rapids, there is a campground built, with amenities. Or if you prefer, you can set up on your own. The area is a concession though and you might be asked for a small fee regardless of where and even whether you camp. Some of the trails can be a bit hard to follow, so a guided walk is well worth it.

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