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Natural Features

Armenia is located in the south of Transcaucasia, on the cultural, historical and religious knots between Europe and Asia. The country covers a territory of 29743 sq. km (11490 sq. miles in size of Belguim or the state of Maryland).

In the writings of ancient geographers Armenian highland is often called as “An island of mountains” or “Roof of the Asia Minor”. The average altitude of the country is about 1800 m. above sea level. At present the country doesn’t have any sea borders, in contrast to the historical Armenia, when at the peak of its prosperity, under the reign of King Tigran the Great the country was stretching from Mediterranean Sea to the shores of Caspian and was more than ten times larger than the area of nowadays Armenia. Now the Republic of Armenia has borders with Georgia in the north, Turkey in the west and south, Azerbaijan in the east and south-west and Iran in the south.

The capital city of the republic is Yerevan. The city is located on Ararat plain. As a silent reminder of a glorious past and a pharos of future hopes Mount Ararat towers over the south-western panorama of Yerevan. The north-western vista of the city is outlined with the crown-shaped peak of mount Aragats which is the highest peak in the territory of present Armenia. It’s a still partly discovered paradise for traveler-climbers. The highest peak is the northern one (4090m).

The country is mountainous with overwhelming height of more than 2000m. The lowest place is 390m above sea level and is in the delta of river Araks. Araks delineates the western and southern border of the country.

The landscape of the country is adorned with boundless beauty. On various elevations one can discover the seven main types of landscapes. The deserts, semi-deserts and dry steppes grow into alpine zones, the mountain peaks give way to fruitful lands and everything around is dotted with amazingly sculptured rocks, basalt columns and waterfalls. About 200 fast flowing rivers and brooks form the water map of the country. Besides there are more than 200 mineral springs of various composition and temperature.

Located at the altitude of about 2000 m. lake Sevan covers 5% of the territory of the country and is the largest in Armenia and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake is of tectonic origin and its basin is rich in archaeological and historical monuments.

The rivers here flow into two major arteries in the Southern Caucasus – Kura in the north and Araks in the south. Akhuryan, Hrazdan, Kasakh, Arpa nd Vorotan rivers flow into Araks, while Debed and Aghstev flow into Kura.

Due to its volcanic origin Armenia is rich in natural resources of various types of stones, like pumice, marble, pearlite, limestone, basalt, granite and tufa. Along with the aforesaid they also mine iron, copper, bauxite, molybdenum, lead, zinc, obsidian, silver, gold, brilliant, platinum as well as many semi-precious stones.

Only the tierce of land here is arable, which flourishes owing to hard and stable efforts of the people. The famous saying “We make bread out of stone” can serve a proof of the aforesaid. A national legend here tells that when Armenians came to God to receive their part of land, all the soft lands had already been delivered so they got a land full of stones. So Armenians put their soul into this land and made it convey their hope.

The climate here is dry continental and sub-continental with hot summers (from +25C to +36C) and short but cold winters (from-15C to -1C). Due to its mountainous relief and despite the comparatively small territory the climate here exposes a wide range of weather conditions.  Sunny days here are dominating during the whole year. The high peaks are covered with snow mainly all year long, while the slopes are covered with alpine meadows in the season. The best time to visit Armenia is spring and autumn. Check for the weather details at http://www.meteo.am

The population is about 3 million, 95 % out of which are ethnic Armenians. The remaining 5% are national minorities – Russians, Greeks, Assyrians, Ezdis and Kurds. The majority is living in the cities and only thrice is living in the villages.The average life span here is about 72 years. In general Armenians in the world are about 10 million, living in Russia, USA, Europe and in Middle East.

Armenian is a separate branch of Indo-European language family and is one of the oldests possessing written form among the languages in the mentioned family. The alphabet was created in 405-406 A.D. by Mesrop Mashtots. There are 39 letters and the form of the letters doesn’t have similarities with any other characters.


 The national and religious holidays are accompanied with festivities and are celebrated both in public and at home with families. All the shops are mainly open at holidays, too. See more about feasts: Official and religius holidays of Armenia >>>


Armenia adopted Christianity as a state religion in 301. The religion here is deeply rooted and about 95% of people are Christians belonging to Armenian Apostolic Church. There are also Catholic Armenians. The Armenian Apostolic church is headed by the Catholicos who is elected for whole life. Currently the Catholicos of All Armenians is Garegin the 2nd who resides in Holy See of St. Echmiadzin. St. Echmiadzin Cathedral is the oldest Armenian church which is the center of Armenian Apostolic church around the world.

The national minorities pursue their own religious convictions. There is also a group of enthusiasts who are trying to retrieve the old traditions of sun-worshipers. They are calling themselves as “Arordis” – “children of god Ar” with an intention to trace the Arian roots of the nation.

  Currency and banking

 The banking system of Armenia is regulated by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. There are local and international banks, the numerous branch-offices of which can be found everywhere in Yerevan and in the main cities of the country.Check the exchange rate at: http://www.cba.am


Voltage: 220V, AC
Frequency: 50 Hz

  Telephone Calls

The country code is 374, Yerevan city code is 10.
Outgoing international calls can be made by dialing:
  - 00 followed by the country, city code and the number
  As for the cell phones, there are three operators in Armenia, each of them offering their codes. So find out before calling.

Cellular phones for rent can be obtained at the office of "Imega Tour & Travel". For more details click here

Important Phone  Numbers, City Codes

  Post Office

The post office works every day, except for Sunday from 9:00 to 7:00 p.m. The branch offices can be found everywhere.  Many branches (for example the one at the corner of Abovyan Street and Sayat Nova Avenue) sell international phone cards to make international calls. There are several express mail services operating in Yerevan, including UPS, DHL, Federal Express, and TNT Express Worldwide.

 Armenia Time Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+4) and 3 hours of European Time. With the eastern coast of America is +9 hours and +12 hours with the western. Armenia follows the day saving time regime and is 1 hour ahead of Moscow.
  Public Transportation

The net of the public transportation is formed by buses, minibuses, taxis and metro.

Metro: The metro line has a single stretch with 11 stations. The fare is 50 AMD.

Buses: Buses run in different destinations in Yerevan with a fare of 100 AMD. The buses running from Yerevan to other cities differ in price starting from 250 AMD..
Minibuses:  There are numerous minibuses running in Yerevan at a fee of 100 AMD and out of Yerevan at a price depending on the destination.

Taxi Services: Taxis can be called on phone from local taxi services, which offer a fee of about 100 AMD per km, while the ones caught in the street are not working on a fixed rate and negotiate the price.

The Armenian cuisine richly expresses the national colours and flavors. Fresh vegetables and meat are usually the main dishes on the table. No festive table can boast with variety of dishes if there is no barbeque made of national traditions on the table. There is even a song praising barbeque at the moment when it is served. Khash, which is also rooted in the traditions is a soup made from cow’s feet and is served early in the morning. Due to its fatty peculiarities khash is always eaten during cold season. The next famous typical dish is called harisa, which is wheat cooked with chicken. National dolma, ghapama, spas and a range of soups are also very delicious and worth tasting.


The restaurants in Yerevan offer both national and foreign cusine >>>
  Foreign Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Armenia
   Foreign Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Armenia on  www.armeniaforeignministry.com
  Customs and Regulations

Citizens of foreign countries are allowed to carry the following items into or out of RA territory free of customs duties:

1. Goods accompanying personal luggage, the customs duty tariff for import of which is 0%, the total weight of which does not exceed 50 kg., and the total customs value is not more than 500 US dollars.

2. Goods conveyed through international transfers (parcels) the total weight of which does not exceed 20 kg, and the total customs value of which is not more than 100 US dollars.

Details regarding commodities, further allowances and regulations, and prohibitions can be found at the following address: www.customs.am
  Visas and Passports

EU countries and even citizens of countries as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Sweden can visit Armenia without visa.  Duration of the stay during the year in the country is 180 days.


 Zvartnots is the main airport of Armenia and is located in Yerevan. There is also another airport in Gyumri. The local and international airlines, like Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Air France, Armavia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa connect Yerevan with any major city of the world. The timetable of the regular flights can be found at the official site of Zvartnots airport (www.zvartnots.am)

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