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Рекламный тур в Армению 2017

Мы рады сообщить всем нашим партнерам , что и в Октябре мы будем организовать наш Рекламный тур для всех, кто планирует развивать Армению как новое тур направление и как новый продукт. Забронировать участие в

Visit to Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex

On the right bank of the river Hrazdan at the top of the hill called Tsitsernakaberb, in front of Mount Ararat stands the memorial

7-day tour in Armenia

Republic of Armenia is a landlocked country of mountains and extinct volcanoes, occupying an area of nearly 30000 km2. Being situated in the southern Caucasus, between

Trip to Lake Van

Lake Van is the largest lake in Western Armenia. The lake surface lies 1648 meters above sea level. Lake Van has been mentioned in

Armenia the Land of Noah

This 5-minute film tells the whole history of Armenia. It like a guidebook to Armenia. The film tells about from where came the Armenians and their

Trip to Armenia in summer

Where to go in Armenia? The answer is very simple, depending on what you are looking for. Armenia offers a variety of activities. You

May Holidays in Armenia 2015

 May is the best time for rest. The weekends in May holidays will be from May 1-4 and 9-11. These days off are great

A tour to Haghpat and Sanahin

Armenia is a beautiful. This beauty is reflected not only in the people who live here and in the beautiful nature, but also in

New Year 2015 in Armenia

New Year is not far away. It is a high time to think about where to spend the New Year holidays, Hotels in the

The Silk Road: I want to eat in Armenia!

The Silk Road is not your average from here to somewhere else you don’t particularly want to be. No, it is resplendent with glamour