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Рекламный тур в Армению 2017

Мы рады сообщить всем нашим партнерам , что и в Октябре мы будем организовать наш Рекламный тур для всех, кто планирует развивать Армению как новое тур направление и как новый продукт. Забронировать участие в

Summer holiday in Armenia

Summer is the best time for holiday and also it is the best time for visiting Armenia. You can order a summer tour in

World Heritage in Western Armenia

It was reported that the Armenian Surb Khach (Holy Cross), which is in Western Armenia (now territory of Turkey) is listed in the preliminary

Promotional tour in Armenia for partners of Imega Tour

Cooperation with foreign tour companies is the main part of work for tour companies. And the main method of working with tour companies is organizing

Tourists are more interested in archaeological excavations in Armenia

“Tourists in Armenia, along with the main attractions of the country, most of all are interested in archaeological excavations”, -director of the Museum “Erebuni”

May Holidays in Armenia 2015

 May is the best time for rest. The weekends in May holidays will be from May 1-4 and 9-11. These days off are great