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Рекламный тур в Армению 2017

Мы рады сообщить всем нашим партнерам , что и в Октябре мы будем организовать наш Рекламный тур для всех, кто планирует развивать Армению как новое тур направление и как новый продукт. Забронировать участие в

Republic Square of Armenia

Republic Square is the centerpiece of the architect Alexander Tamanyan’s 1924-1936 master plan for Yerevan, which developed Astafiev’s 1856 city plan. It is the

Visit to Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex

On the right bank of the river Hrazdan at the top of the hill called Tsitsernakaberb, in front of Mount Ararat stands the memorial

Summer in Armenia

Summer in Armenia is lovely. It is gloriously warm and sunny, especially in July or end of August.Honestly, our favorite season is summer because

В рейтинге Ереван занимает первое место составил рейтинг  лучших зарубежных городов, для провидения Международного женского дня – 8 Марта. В список включены 20 относительно недорогих городов,у  которых  в последние

Tourists are more interested in archaeological excavations in Armenia

“Tourists in Armenia, along with the main attractions of the country, most of all are interested in archaeological excavations”, -director of the Museum “Erebuni”

Discounts for hotels in Armenia

Hotels are the main venue for an overnights in Armenia. You can book a room at hotels in Yerevan  on our website. In contrast

Trip to Armenia in summer

Where to go in Armenia? The answer is very simple, depending on what you are looking for. Armenia offers a variety of activities. You

Armenia in top list of visits of Russian tourists

Russian online booking service determine the most popular summer holiday destinations of Russian tourists in the CIS countries and the former Soviet Union.

Weekend in Armenia

The best way to spend a weekend is to go on a short trip. To book a tour for weekend in Armenia you can