Republic Square of Armenia

Republic Square is the centerpiece of the architect Alexander Tamanyan’s 1924-1936 master plan for Yerevan, which developed Astafiev’s 1856 city plan.

It is the heart of Yerevan an the only one in its type, endowed by singing fountains and magnificent mosaic rock carpet, which covers 3000 year old ruins underneath it! The large  oval of the Square will give you a great chance to examine Tamanyan’s distinctive designs in detail. The square is surrounded with seven major buildings: The National Gallery and the History Museum building (north). The Ministry of Territorial Administration (north-east). The Government House: holds the main offices of the Government of Armenia (north-east). The central post office of the Republic of Armenia (south-east). The “Mariott- Armenia” hotel (south-west). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (north-west). The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (north-west).


The famous seven fountains, the meeting spot for thousands and thousands of dates, are also in Republic Square, right next to History Museum and National Art Gallery. You can make a visit to Republic Square of Armenia by our help. 

One can admire of the intricate ornamentation on the buildings. Armenian stone masons have perfected the ancient and noble art of working with stone.

The buildings in the square are adorned with such traditional motifs as fantastically intertwined bunches of grapes and pomegranates, sheaves of wheat and heads of birds and animals.

In the evening the, Republic Square often turns into a stage of outdoor concerts which often are concluded by fireworks and o weekends, many cheerful wedding parties circle the Square thrice as if to bond their hearts with three more rings.

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