Tour to Jermuk

Jermuk resort city is situated on south-west of Armenia, in the upper river Arpa. It is 173km far from Yerevan. The area is an altitude of 1980-2080 meters above the sea, within the mountains of Vayots Dzor, among thick forests, on a plateau divided into two parts by the gorge of Arpa River, 170km south-east of Yerevan. Surrouding mountains of Vayots Dzor, Vardenis and Syunik are all covered with forests and alpine meadows at a height of 2500-3000meters. You can make a tour to Jermuk on our website.


The air of Jermuk is devoid of dust; it’s absolutely clean and is saturated with sweet smell of flowers. The climate is typically mountainous. It’s cool in summer, and winter is long and snowy. Jermuk is a full-flowing residential area. The town has a number of cold and worm springs which are used to drink. It is especially famous for its 40 curing springs with rich chemical composition. For booking a hotel in Jermuk you should visit our website.

Looking down the hills everyone will fascinated with the beautiful panorama of Jermuk. And  here is M.Saryan’s opinion: “Jermuk is my beloved corner of Armenia. It lies on the plateau, surrounded by the mountains with rich forests and woods. Wild beauty and freshness of this place with its green shadow gives refreshment after Ararat valley drawn in the burning sun”.

The surroundings of the town are reach in historical and architectural unique monuments. They are Gndevank, St. Astvatsatsin Monastary, Noravank, Tatev and many other monasteries.